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Problems cannot be solved with words, but only through experience, not merely corrective experience but through a reliving of early fear (sadness, anger).

-- Alice Miller


What is Inner Child Regression Therapy ?

Inner Child Regression Therapy is a form of psycho-spiritual therapy to heal current life issues, especially those that originated from childhood.  The term regression therapy refers to taking back clients to the root cause of their problems, then release, heal and transform it. Under the umbrella of regression therapy, there are various techniques, types and names: Past Life Therapy, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Therapy, Age Regression Therapy etc.  Inner Child Regression Therapy focus on the healing of the wounded inner child in current life.


Few regression therapists use hypnosis nowadays, and most are practicing bridging, which is a more time-saving technique. The session process may entail going back to your younger time of current life, looking at the trauma scene from an adult perspective, understand the need of the inner child, heal and transform the frozen, fearful or lost inner child.  Regression therapy reaches further and heals deeper at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels than most other therapeutic approaches

How Does It Heal?

The main concept of the inner child is that we all have younger parts within us at different ages, different experiences and different needs. Children were naturally prone to traumas, including physical and emotional abuse and toxic cultural shame. When trauma happens, the younger self simply does not have the resources to understand the event and fulfil the needs, because he must depend on others to fill these needs. Therefore, the wound was left untreated or mistreated, either by covering up or compensating behaviors. The wounded inner child stopped growing and kept contaminating our adult life, developing issues like co-dependence, victim mentality, narcissistic, trust issues, emotion dis-regulation, addictive/compulsive behaviors, intimacy dysfunctions etc.


On the psyche level, the part of the consciousness that protects the child might temporarily detach, numb, freeze during trauma, while other parts of the personality continue to grow. Sometimes these memories are buried under the conscious awareness but continue to influence the adult self subconsciously.  These detached and frozen psyches are fragmented soul energies awaiting to be healed, transformed and retrieved.


During an Inner Child Regression Therapy session, the therapist will guide you back to the origin scene or event of today’s issue. Usually, it’s in childhood, sometimes as early as womb. The adult self will be invited to take care of the wounded inner child, providing perspectives, love and care. The perpetrators will be met to gain insight and forgiveness. It might involve energetic chord cutting, soul contract review and visiting another past life where needed.

Like most other forms of psychotherapy, the results of Past Life Regression Therapy can be distinguished in:

  • Mental results: clarity, mindfulness, self-knowledge, understanding people, liberation of limiting beliefs.

  • Emotional results: inner calm, self-acceptance and self-confidence, restored empathy and positive emotions and expression of emotions.

  • Physical results: disappearing of psychosomatic complaints like low energy, tensions, hypersensitivities and symptoms without medical explanation.

  • Spiritual results: finding balance in life, understanding things that happen around us. 'knowing' instead of believing.

Who Is It For and NOT For?

Inner Child Regression Therapy may help where other therapies fail, but it doesn't help everybody and not with all problems.  Even when it doesn't work, regression therapy has a saving grace: it is relatively short. One or two sessions are enough to find out if this will work or not. For most people, it works well.  Inner Child Regression Therapy is deep and serious self-work, it is for those who are ready to face and deal with their pain and shadows.

Inner Child Regression Therapy is suitable for:

  • Disturbing thoughts, such as an obsession or repeated nightmares.

  • Emotional Problems, such as fear, anger, guilt, sadness, grief, loneliness, abandonment, despair, anxiety or depression

  • Unexplainable physical symptoms not responding to medical care, such as muscle tension, pain, numbness, panic attacks or blocked feelings.

  • Relationship issues with parents, family, work or social contacts, such as feeling inept and insecure, inability to express and share thoughts and feelings, extreme shyness.; lack of assertiveness, over-adaptation, low-confidence, low self-esteem

  • Other areas: phobias, obsessions and trauma


Inner Child Regression Therapy is NOT suitable for:

  • Small children

  • Psychiatric patients. People with serious mental health problems and are under the treatment of a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist such as Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorder, OCD, Clinical Depression, Clinical Anorexia and Schizophrenia.

  • Medical conditions where experiencing higher emotional levels is not recommended, including heart problems or epileptic fits.

  • People under the influence of recreational drugs or on high levels of psychotic meditation, particularly high levels of “anti-depressants”, and “anti-anxiety” drugs. People who use alcohol or drugs must be alcohol or drug free at least 3 days before the session.

  • People with severe learning disabilities, or conditions causing concentration or comprehension problems, who are unable to think clearly and rationally, or who are delusional.

  • Pregnant women should not be regressed for any cathartic session because the fetus may register the regression experiences as its own.

How to choose from Past Life Regression Therapy, Inner Child Regression Therapy and Past Life Spiritual Regression?

Inner Child Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy are both classic therapy models which aim to reach an agreed therapeutic goal with the client, and to alleviate the problematic symptoms or sufferings of a current life complaint.

Past Life Regression Therapy is often helpful when someone is experiencing unexplained pain or behavior, especially when these symptoms have a root in a past life. A chronic sore neck may derive from a past life hanging or choking. Obsessive cleanliness may arise from a long imprisonment in a filthy dungeon. Depression may stem from a hopeless situation of poverty or slavery. Eating disorders may be traced to a past life of starvation or famine. Sexual dysfunction may reflect past-life experiences of abuse, molestation, or rape. Inexplicable guilt may result from past life murder or feeling responsible for the death of others. Insecurity may be caused by past life separation, abandonment, or orphanage.  Sometimes during a Past Life Regression Therapy, the subconscious mind keeps being pulled to a current life issue when a client is trying to enter a past life, which means the current life issue is more imminent to be looked at. Thus the Past Life Regression Therapy session will automatically turn into Inner Child Regression Therapy session.

Inner Child Regression Therapy is a form of current life regression therapy.  It can be helpful for issues specifically originated in current life, for example, traumatic experiences in childhood. The therapist will bring you back to where the root cause of your current situation, all the way back to womb experience, to heal and transform the wounded inner child. Sometimes during an Inner Child Regression Therapy, the subconscious mind may automatically enter a past life, which means the current life issue has a further root cause in a past life.  In such cases, the therapist will respect your energy flow, and the session will automatically turn into Past Life Regression Therapy session.

Past Life Spiritual Regression can be attractive to clients for spiritual experiences, in which a past life journey can be explored. The intention is to connect to a positive past life to bring about positive messages for your current life. It is not focused on resolving a current life issue, which is the therapeutic aim of Past Life Regression Therapy and Inner Child Regression Therapy.  Past Life Spiritual Regression can bring wonderful spiritual and therapeutic healing, but it should not be misused as a form of spiritual bypass to avoid one's current life issues.  It can be, when used wisely, a preparation work to face and deal with current life issues.  It can also foster spiritual awakening, growth and development, which may be attractive to many light workers, light warriors or star seeds.

How Do I Prepare for An Inner Child Regression Therapy session?

Get your intention ready, be clear about what needs to heal at this stage of your life.  If there are several issues, pick the one that bothers you the most.  What your life would be or who you would be without this problem?

Dress in comfortable clothing and avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks prior to the session. Keep an open mind and let all critical thinking drop. There is nothing to worry about and you can let everything flow naturally. Trust the process and what comes, even if you feel you are making it up. All these are coming from within you.  Clients are advised to meditate daily, as it will become easier to enter a hypnotic state after practicing meditation.

Booking | Fee | Location

An Inner Child Regression Therapy session usually lasts about 2 hours, occasionally 3 hours. Depending on the issue and therapy goal, it takes about 3 sessions to resolve one specific issue on average, sometimes may need only 1 session, and sometimes 5 or 6.  During our initial consultation call, we work together on a therapeutic goal and plan to give you the best results.  After each session, we briefly discuss the material that came up and any questions.

Usually, meeting once a week is recommended for a few sessions till one agreed issue is resolved.  Then allow yourself to rest for a few weeks to digest and assimilate the new information before working on another problem.  Between the sessions, individual counseling sessions can be provided to help you integrate the materials fully into your current life.


Be aware that one regression therapy session may have more results than one and a half years of other therapy!


Consultation call: Free for 15 minutes.

Inner Child Regression Therapy: HKD1,600 for 2 hours*

Zoom sessions for overseas: 10% off


*If the session exceed 2.5 hours, an additional charge of HKD400 will apply.


In person sessions are strongly recommended for local residents, and the session is conducted in a designated therapy room in Central.  Zoom can also be arranged for special cases.

Conducting language:

English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

Sessions are carefully planned in the agenda and sufficient time is available. At least 48h in advance is required for reschedule and cancellation.

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